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Pail Catcher

Martin Automatic Systems clamshell style Pail Catchers are a cost-effective and simple way to bring out and orient pails from under an injection molding machine. Pail Catchers will not interfere with the molding cycle time.

Single Cavity Pail Catcher

The pail drops into a funnel shaped catcher. Two hinged doors then open and the pail is conveyed by a belt conveyor. The top of the catcher has 3/8″ diameter-rounded edges, and the bottom of the catcher has a spring loaded polyurethane pad below the belt, to protect the pail from damage. This system has a very low profile and adds less than 3 1/2″ to the pail height.

Dual Cavity Pail Catcher

A dual clamshell style catcher, featuring a belt conveyor.