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Pail Stretcher

Martin Automated Systems manufactures pail stretchers for both square and round pails. The pail stretchers are water-cooled, and the expanding jaws are machined from hard anodized aluminum or optional heat treated stainless tool steel and use Turcite bearings. Pail Stretcher units are highly effective at improving molding cycle time.


  • The expanding core is manufactured from hard anodized aluminum or optional heat-treated mould steel. (Stavax)
  • Water cooled.
  • A dual belt conveyor will transport the pails to under the expanding core and out.
  • Stop cylinders are used to hold back upstream pails.
  • The core is expanded by means of a wedge, driven by an 8” diameter air cylinder.
  • The amount of expansion is controlled by an adjustable barrel style stop.
  • Timing parameters of the machine are settable by means of a small HMI.
  • A Siemens PLC is used to control the unit.

The unit is supplied with two manuals, a wiring diagram, a parts list, recommended spare parts list, and preventative maintenance.

Safety Features

  • Equipment CSA inspected
  • Guarding to be compliant with OSHA