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Martin Automated Systems - Handle Line - Plastic Handle Installers

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Plastic Handle Installers

Pail Handle Installer

The automatic handle installer is designed to install plastic handles onto pails, then stack and accumulate the completed products. One operator is able to load two handle storage conveyers and manage two systems simultaneously – the system is specifically designed to reduce operator fatigue. Provides speeds of up to 400 units per hour.

Handle Accumulation Conveyer

The operator loads handles here. Speed adjusted via touch screen.

Pail Orientation

Pails are oriented by rotation and pneumatic stop to be in proper position.

Handle Transfer Arm

The handle transfer arm picks a handle from the accumulation conveyer, forms the handle to a U shape, and aligns the handle buttons with the opening of the pail.

Handle Installation

The pails are precisely re-oriented and the handle buttons are pressed into the pail openings.

D-Handle Installer

Fully automatic, this system installs D-Handles onto tight-head blow-molded containers.
The system can be adjusted to fit different pail sizes. The machine features a servo-driven gantry that senses the height of each container, and adjusts via a touch probe.

Safety Features

  • Equipment CSA inspected
  • Guarding to be compliant with OSHA

Manual Handle Installer

MAS manual handle installers are custom manufactured to install handles onto various different types of containers.

Benefits are:

  • Less worker fatigue
  • Prevention of work-related injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Safety Feature

  • Equipment CSA inspected