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  • Parts vibratory feeders

    Vibratory Feeders

    Welded stainless steel feeder bowls with excellent feeding characteristics and innovative track design. Reasonably priced,… more

  • Parts aluminum extrusion

    Aluminum Extrusions

    MAS is able to offer components, aluminum extrusions, and various attachments developed through our expertise in building and… more

  • Custom automation and machines tub stacker

    Tub Stacker

    A special-purpose stacker which can be built to suit your specific needs. UPC and product labeling are… more

  • Lid Catchers

    The Martin Automated lid catcher is a take-out system that orients the lids from under the mold and conveys the covers in a… more

  • Automatic lid system for automatic installation plastic lids, gaskets, spouts, screw caps, various closures and fitments

    Automated Lid System

    The Automated Lid System can perform a variety of operations for different types of plastic lids, gaskets, spouts and various… more

  • Semi-Automatic Lid Systems

    Semi-Automatic Gasket and/or Spout Installer

    This semi-automatic lid machine can be configured to install both O-ring style… more

  • Automated lid system automatic installation lid denesting downstacking

    Lid Denester

    The lid denester separates a single lid from a stack of nestable lids.  Stacks of lids are conveyed up to the denesting… more