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  • Lid Stacking Systems

    The stacker is designed to stack and accumulate lids up to a stack height of 60 lids, depending upon the lids nesting… more

  • Pail Catcher

    Martin Automatic Systems clamshell style Pail Catchers are a cost-effective and simple way to bring out and orient pails from… more

  • Pail Lifter

    The Pail Lifter is designed to receive pails from a conveyor at one height level and transfer them to a conveyor or machine at… more

  • Pail Stretcher

    Martin Automated Systems manufactures pail stretchers for both square and round pails. The pail stretchers are water-cooled,… more

  • Leak Testers

    UN Leak Tester

    The Martin Automated Systems UN Leak Tester checks pails for small leaks using a rugged ceramic pressure… more

  • Flame Treaters

    Automatic Flame Treater

    The Martin Automated Automatic Flame Treater is designed to flame treat a standard product range of… more

  • Hot Stamper

    Our automatic hot stamper is designed to hot stamp child safety warning labels on to 11” and 12” round pails, as well… more

  • Pail Stacker

    The stacker is designed to stack and accumulate pails up to a stack height of 48″. The pails are stacked upwards and… more

  • Plastic Handle Installers

    Pail Handle Installer

    The automatic handle installer is designed to install plastic handles onto pails, then stack and… more

  • Automatic lid closing press

    Lid Closing Press

    The lid press is designed to seal a plastic lid onto a plastic pail. The lid is manually placed into the sealing area and the… more