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Pail Stacker

The stacker is designed to stack and accumulate pails up to a stack height of 48″. The pails are stacked upwards and completed stacks are lowered back on to the conveyor and accumulated. The unit is controlled by a small PLC with an operator interface.

Standard Features

  • Pails are stacked to an adjustable height
  • Completed stacks are lowered onto the conveyor and move onto a powered accumulation conveyor ready for packaging
  • Stack counts and timing values are changed by means of a small operator interface.
  • All cylinders and solenoid valves are Festo.
  • The conveyor drives are Baldor DC variable speed.
  • A six foot powered accumulation conveyor is included.

Safety Features

  • Equipment is CSA inspected
  • Guarding to be compliant with OSHA