Our product lines are tailored to address plastic pail, plastic jug and lid processing solutions for manufacturers. We also offer parts and custom designs.

Lid Automation

Pail Automation

Handle Automation

Parts Feeders



Lid Automation

Automated Lid System

Undermold Lid System

FIG Machine –
Automatic Flow in Gasket Installer

Lid Stackers

Lid Catchers

Semi-Automatic Gasket and Spout Installer

Semi-Automatic Gasket Installing Press

Lid Closing Press

Pail Automation

Hotstamper System – Pail Processing Cell

Hotstamper with Sizer – Compact

Hot Stamper

UN Leak Tester

Pail Sizers

Automated Inline Flame Treating Machines

Pail Stacker

Pail Catchers

Pail Lifter

Manual Flame Treater

Automatic Trap and Spin Flame Treater

Stamp Cutter Press

Handle Automation

Wire Handle Installer

Automated Plastic Handle Installer

D-Handle Installer

Manual Handle Installer

Parts Feeders

Orienting and Elevating Feeder

Vibratory Feeders


Belt Conveyors

Gravity Conveyors


Manual Leak Tester for Jugs

Special Purpose Stackers

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