Pail Sizers

Pail sizer units are highly effective at improving molding cycle time.  Martin Automated Systems manufactures pail sizers for both square and round pails. The pail sizers are water-cooled, and the expanding jaws are machined from hard anodized aluminum or optional heat treated stainless tool steel and use Turcite bearings.

Operation Summary

  • Pails are conveyed up to two pin stops, positioning the pail directly under the expanding mandrel,
  • The pail is then pushed up onto the expanding mandrel
  • Two additional pin stops are actuated, preventing upstream pails from entering the system,
  • After the pre-set expansion hold time, the core is collapsed and the pail is lowered to the conveyor,
  • The pin-stops under the expanding mandrel retract allowing the pail to exit.  Then the hold back pin-stops retract, which allows the next upstream pail to be processed. 
  • While the hold back stop is retracted a second hold back stop is extended, thus preventing other upstream pails from entering.


  • The expanding mandrel is manufactured from hard anodized aluminum or optional heat-treated mould steel (Stavax)
  • Water cooled
  • The core is expanded by means of a wedge, driven by an 8” diameter air cylinder.
  • The amount of expansion is controlled by an adjustable barrel style stop
  • Timing parameters of the machine are settable by means of a small HMI
  • A Siemens PLC is used to control the unit
  • Guarding to be compliant with OSHA


Power               240 or 480VAC 1PH
Amperes          15 AMPS
Air Supply        100 PSI

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