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At Martin Automated Systems we design, assemble, integrate and deliver machines directly to our customers.

Martin Automated Systems is a Canadian manufacturer that designs and manufactures high quality and competitively priced automated machines for the plastic container manufacturing industry. We have a wide range of machines that assist in production line assemblies. The benefits of our machines are more consistent product, better quality control, prevention of repetitive motion injuries and improved utilization of the labor force. And because we distribute all of our machines, our customers deal directly with us.

Why Martin Automated Systems?

We offer effective and dependable manufacturing solutions. Our drive is our customers’ satisfaction and we will work with your team to design the perfect solution.

“On my tour of Martin Automated Systems’ production facilities, I was impressed with the quality of material, attention to detail and safety consideration that was put into each machine. Going the extra step to put together a high quality machine from CAD drawing to completion was evident.”

Chris Mould
Partner, MNP Enterprise Services

Automated Lid System – ALS06

The Automated Lid System automatically installs gaskets, closures and fitments into plastic lids.  We can build a machine to suit many different configurations for different styles of lids, fitments, and closures.

Hotstamper System – HST CELL

A fully automatic hotstamper and flamer system that processes plastic pails and performs the additional functions such as leak testing and pail sizing without additional machines, reducing the footprint.

35 Years Devoted to
Exceptional Craftsmanship

Herman Martin started his career in design and engineering at the technical school of Rudolf Diesel Technology Center in Augsburg, Germany, otherwise known as Rudolf-Diesel Technikum. From there he immigrated to Canada and began working with technical companies across Canada.

Herman founded Martin Automated Systems in the year 1986 and the Company was subsequently incorporated in 1988. Herman utilized his love for engineering and his technical expertise to consult on design. Learn more →

Pail Automation

We build a variety of machines such as pail sizers, pail flamers, pail lifters, pail catchers and much more.

Lid Automation

We build a variety of lid machines such as under mold lid catchers and lid stacker systems.

Handle Automation

We build a variety of handle installing machines to suit a variety of container styles.

Parts and Repair

We stock crucial parts and assemblies for our machines to ensure a quick turnaround. 

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Martin Automated Systems’ plant is in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Located in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, we are a 45-minute drive from Vancouver international airport (VYR) and a 15-minute drive from the Pacific Highway border crossing.