Stamp Cutter Press

The Stamp Cutter cuts misprinted hot stamp labels from round and square plastic pails with the assistance of an operator. The operator manually places the pail onto the pail guides that are located at the front of the machine just below the cutting die. The removal of the child safety label portion of the pail is accomplished via a pneumatically operated cutting mechanism. This mechanism is made up of a large air cylinder and a handcrafted stamp and cutting die.

Operation Summary

  • Once the pail is positioned, the operator then places both hands outside the machine.
  • The stamp mechanism is activated by two optical start buttons.
  • Once the operation has completed, the scrap portion is conveyed away via a small belt conveyor below the die.
  • The operator then removes the pail and repeats the process.


  • Siemens control
  • Festo cylinder
  • Press control circuit
  • Handcrafted stamp and cutting die
  • Anti tie down optical touch buttons and safety light curtain
  • Conveyors use Ammeraal Beltech belts

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