Manual Flame Treater

The Martin Automated manual flame treater flame treats pails with the assistance of an operator.  The operator places a pail on to an adjustable disk, then initiates two Banner photoelectric buttons to start the flame cycle. The buttons feature an anti-tie-down circuit.  Upon initiation of the cycle, the pail starts rotating and the flame is turned on. A product sensing photo switch prevents the operator from starting the machine without a pail in place. Flame time is adjustable by a timer.


  • Siemens control
  • Flynn Burner flame control
  • Integrated light safety bars
  • Anti-tie down banner finger photo switches
  • Option to be adjustable to treat various sized pails
  • Flame time and fault parameters can be set on a small HMI 
  • A photo switch to interlock the burner
    • If no pail in place, then flame treatment cannot be started
  • An infra-red flame sensor
    • If the flame fails to ignite or go out, then a fault will be indicated by a flashing LED
    • Before continuing to flame treat, the fault must be cleared by means of a button

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